What if your most important questions about the voice over business could be answered?  How much easier would your life be?

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Who Am I?


Hi! My name is Bill DeWees and I’ve been making a living as a full time voice over artist for the last 8 years.

I don't just talk about how to record voice overs.  I actually make a very good living as a working talent,  consistently make a multiple 6-figure income.  My voice has been used by Chevrolet, Warner Brothers, National Geographic, American Express, Sears, Whirlpool, NBC Universal, Yahoo!, John Deere, Microsoft, and thousands of others.

All that to say . . . I know what it takes to make money in the voice over market!

When I started, I had an IDEA of how things worked, but . . .

If I had what I’m about to share with you here, I would have cut as much as 2 or 3 years off my learning curve. AND,I would have made more money, more quickly!

Luckily, you don’t have that problem!

Over the past year I’ve accumulated the TOP 100 questions that everyone in the voice over business needs to know the answers to. That is, IF they want to reach their full potential.

I’ve divided the questions up into 5 sections: Performance, Marketing, Technical, Industry and General Business.

They’re categorized so you can quickly find the answers you need, when you need them.

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    Here’s What YOU Get!

    I don’t want you to have to guess as to what they are, so I’ll list them for you right here.

    • Marketing

    • Where do I find voice over work?
    • What can I do during my job breaks (15 min.) to forward my voice over business?
    • What are your best tips for creating a voice over website?
    • Why are you successful as a voice talent when so many have failed?
    • From a client perspective, what are the most important qualities of a voice talent?
    • Where can I find audiobook work?
    • What is a reasonable amount of time to expect to begin making money?
    • Are referrals a good ways to build your business?
    • Where is there a chance of getting work for resume building and encouragement, even it doesn’t pay well?
    • How do I determine my brand?
    • What is the biggest obstacle to marketing yourself?
    • How can I know which e-learning companies I should market too?
    • How do you use social media in your marketing efforts?
    • What are your suggestions for those trying to get work outside of their own country?
    • How useful is it to “cold call” companies out of my time zone when they will probably be closed for business?
    • What one activity has grown your voice over business the most?
    • Is there any voice over work I can get without having a demo?
    • How much “contact marketing” is enough?
    • What demos should I have?
    • As someone just getting started, where should I look for work?
    • Should you write your own scripts for your demo?
    • How should I follow up a “cold call” that goes to voicemail?
    • Industry

    • Is there an age limit for recording voice overs?
    • Will setting lower rates hurt the voice over industry?
    • What should I expect when working in another (professional) studio?
    • How much do audiobooks pay?
    • Should I deliver my demo(s) via CD to clients, agents, etc.?
    • Should I add music to my auditions?
    • Should I “watermark” my auditions?
    • Will I be able to do paid voice over work in another country? Or do clients prefer talent from within their own country (as I assume it makes paying them easier)?
    • Should my geographic location determine my rates?
    • Do I need to have a background in business to have a voice over career?
    • Do I need to live a large/major market to be successful?
    • Why are there so many talented people not getting much work?
    • What are the best jobs for those with the “voice of God?”
    • I’m fluent in multiple languages. What kind of voice over work should I pursue?
    • After being out of the VO business for a long time, what would be the most important thing I should know today?
    • Performance

    • Can I have a voice over career without a neutral accent/dialect?
    • Do I need acting lessons?
    • How can I best relate “one on one” to the listener?
    • What strategies or techniques can I use for proofreading long-form narration?
    • How should I prepare for a recording session in another studio?
    • If I’m asked to re-read a line during a recording session does that mean that I read it wrong to begin with?
    • I have no acting experience. How can I tap into the “emotion” of a script to make a more compelling voice over?
    • Should I sit or stand while recording?
    • How can I tell if I have the raw talent or not to do this?
    • Is it possible to launch my career without a website?
    • How can I make my audition stand out (in a good way)?
    • What are the 2 or 3 most common “fails” for auditions?
    • Do the guys/gals with the “word of mouth” connections get the regular gigs, or is it more about how aggressively you market yourself?
    • How can I best make the transition from radio/TV into voice overs?
    • How do you know if you’re really ready to record voice overs?
    • Are there face and mouth exercises I can do to improve my performance?
    • How can I authentically incorporate dialects into my voice overs?
    • Should I keep, or try to neutralize my natural dialect?
    • What is your process for recording audiobooks?
    • How do I properly read copy from a script?
    • How can I improve my breathing technique?
    • How can I do my own demo(s)?
    • How do I find out if my voice is good enough?
    • What is the best audiobook narration style?
    • Where is the balance between clear enunciation and natural speech?
    • How do I get rid of mouth clicks?
    • Should you try to use one breath for the entire length of a commercial?
    • Should I do exercises for breath control?
    • I have no confidence in my current skills. How can I get confidence?
    • How do I make my voice louder?
    • How can I pace myself for longer reads?
    • Technical

    • How much of an audio engineer do I need to be?
    • How much will a home studio cost?
    • Is there special terminology I need to know when working with a studio engineer?
    • Should I wear headphones or not while recording?
    • How professionals should my headphones be?
    • Is it best to read scripts from hard copy or a computer monitor?
    • Is it necessary that I be able to create fully “produced” projects (with music and effects)?
    • What are your sound proofing tips?
    • Are there low cost alternatives for hardware processing?
    • PC or Mac?
    • Is the USB microphone the future of the voice over mic?
    • What is the best way to “de-ess” audio (aside from a de-esser)?
    • Should I process my audio?
    • How can I make sure that my studio audio quality is as good as my demo’s quality?
    • What is the best recording/editing software?
    • What is the best microphone?
    • Are there any alternatives to ISDN for remote recording?
    • What methods do you use to send audio to clients?
    • How do I “sweeten” a voice over recording?
    • How important is ISDN when setting up my home studio?
    • Business Operations

    • What should I consider when determining the name of my website (url)?
    • How can I make sure I get paid?
    • Would you recommend an inexpensive contact management program?
    • If you could do one thing differently when starting out, what would it be?
    • What issues should a VO talent deal with before going into business?
    • Do you have to have a coach to do well in voice overs?
    • REPEAT (#31 How should I name my business?)
    • Union or Non-Union . . . what’s best for me?
    • What is the first step to find out if I’m even interested in recording voice overs?
    • How do you deal with rejection?
    • What do you do when you’re sick?
    • What stands between me and my first client?


    That’s close to 10 hours of video. Answers to virtually ANY question you’ve ever had about the voice over business.

    How much further ahead of the game would YOU be if you could have all of those questions answered?

    My guess? A LOT!

    By gaining access to the answers to these questions you’ll be WAY ahead of the game. You’ll save yourself time and money.

    You’ll also start making more money more quickly.

    And, I GUARANTEE it!

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    I'm offering this program to you for only $197!  I charge people $150 per 30 minutes for a personal consultation. You’ve getting ten times that amount of time, AND, you’ll get virtually every question you have answered. Many people have saved MANY times that amount by listening to the answers to just one or two questions. I’ll bet you’ll have a similar experience. When you gain access to the answers to these essential questions, you’ll know more than 99% of the voice over artists you’ll be competing with.

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